Ms. Solis’ Donors Choose fundraiser for dissections + microscopes

Our 7th grade science teacher Ms. Solis just launched a Donors Choose fundraiser for her dissection unit. Please help her reach her goal!

View the Donors Choose campaign here.

The Project:
Only 2 and a half years old, we are still a relatively new middle school. Building a hands on 7th grade science curriculum requires additional equipment and consumables not needed in other courses, and we need your help. The materials requested through this grant will help increase exciting learning opportunities for our students in both our Botany and Human Anatomy units.

The structure, growth, and reproduction of plants will be brought alive through an in-depth microscopic exploration of plants and a plant dissection. Human anatomy will be made extremely memorable through 2 separate dissections. We will dissect a sheep heart to help master the structure and function of the circulatory system, and a bullfrog dissection will help students recognize and diagram human internal organs. We will also study and diagnose common human diseases at the cellular level through an investigation of prepared human slides for use with our microscopes.

Providing rigorous and relevant learning opportunities is essential for students to imagine themselves pursuing a higher education and career in the sciences. When students are encouraged to use microscopes and surgical equipment, and they experience success in these endeavors, they begin to see themselves as doctors, surgeons, veterinarians, dentists, and nurses. It is my hope for each student to see themselves as scientists today, and see this as an achievable career goal for the future.

Help us build the school library: Studio H launches X-Space on Kickstarter

This morning, we launched “X Space” on Kickstarter. Our goal: to bring to life a school library designed and built entirely by our 108 8th grade Studio H students. We hope to raise $75,000 in 30 days (to fund all the construction AND all the books and technology).

Here’s where you come in: the entire library will be made up of hundreds of these X-shaped shelves designed by the students, called STAX (like library stacks). Sidebar: our friend and neighbor Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, is lending us his CNC router to produce them. The STAX units are incredibly beautiful and are probably the smartest designed shelf you’ve ever seen (especially by 8th graders!). If 200 STAX are pledged on Kickstarter in 30 days, the entire library will be built. What’s even cooler, is that every time you pledge a STAX for the library, you get a STAX, too.

There are early bird STAX available, and a ton of other options! You can buy them in multiples, or you can even donate a book for the library and have your name permanently marked in it. Either way, you’re physically part of bringing this library to life, and empowering an entire school to build a place where they can learn and explore.

Buy a STAX, buy a book, tell your friends, and keep exploring.


Ms. Mok’s Laptop Campaign! Please contribute…

Ms. Mok, our fabulous 6th grade math teacher, has launched a $6750 fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo to purchase ChromeBooks for her classroom.


More info from her IndieGoGo page:


Hi everyone,

My name is Miss Allison Mok and I currently teach 6th grade math at REALM Charter School located in Berkeley, CA. Our school philosophy is designed to be a project-based, technology-rich learning environment that promotes critically and socially responsive perspectives. However, we are missing something.


We are the first Charter School coming out of Berkeley. We lack funding and with that, technology. How can we have a technology-rich learning environment when we lack that at our very core? We only have 24 laptops for the entire middle school, and this is something that needs to be changed.

My goal is to raise enough money to have enough laptops for a classroom set. These laptops would help struggling students build basic math foundations and challenge more advanced students with higher level math.

In our math class, we have students with all different range levels in math. Due to these wide bounds, it is often the case that teachers teach “to the middle.” That means as long as we are reaching the students who are in the middle, then that’s all we can do. However, as an educator, I cannot accept this. I cannot help but feel remorse for the students who are falling more and more behind due to their lack of knowledge of basic times tables. I cannot help but feel empathy for the students who want to be challenged and simply aren’t.

Laptops could change this. If we give students material that they are capable of doing, they will rise to the task. If we give students material that is either too difficult or too easy, they will quickly lose interest. There are many free programs out there such as Khan Academy that could help push students who need to be further challenged and help build a more solid math foundation for students who lack it. Please help us make this dream a reality.

What We Need & What You Get

We need to raise $6750 to provide a classroom set of laptops. There are a maximum of 27 students per class period. Chromebooks are our optimal choice and they range around $250 each. Our school funding for technology is almost nonexistent, thus we need your help in making this project a success.

To show our appreciation for your support, we’ve come up with some pretty stellar perks, including personal thank you notes from our kids, personal polaroid photos from different class periods, and even thank you videos from our classroom to you.

Every penny we receive will go towards purchasing Chromebooks for our classroom. Even if we don’t reach our funding goal, the money we do raise will still go towards purchasing as many Chromebooks as possible for our classroom.

Other Ways You Can Help

We really appreciate any contribution you can make. Even if you can or cannot support us financially, please help spread the word about our campaign and our cause through your social media networks, such as Facebook, your circle of family and friends, and last but not least Indiegogo share tools. If you are interested in what our revolutionary school is like, here is our school website link:

Thank you so much for all your help, and have a dazzling day!

Ms. Summer’s Mandarin class makes dumplings + ID cards!

Last week, Ms. Summer’s 7th grade Mandarin class made 3d Chinese ID cards out of craft materials, and then spent the following day making traditional Chinese dumplings!

Classroom Materials Supply Lists

Hello, REALM families!


We are looking forward to seeing you in just a few days. Please see below for the classroom materials supply lists.

6th grade Classroom Materials Supply Lists (download as pdf)

7th grade Classroom Materials Supply Lists (download as pdf)

8th grade Classroom Materials Supply Lists (download as pdf)